I’m not good enough, yet. So I’ll learn better.

I’m not saying this as a pessimist.
I’m saying this because I think I just find out the right attitude to become better.

I realized one thing recently, that I complained a lot. Though I learn many things, I learn after complaining. Which usually takes energy, emotions, and a lot of time.

But, today after thinking about it for hours, I came to one realization.
“If my senior (the one who has more experiences and is wiser) was not complaining while he and I were in the same damned situation…. Then, I should not be complaining and learn why my senior does not complain”.
Simple. He is called senior because he has more experiences that made him think that situation is not damned at all. It’s a piece of cake for him. While it is a big piece of cake for me. I need to learn what makes the cake is just another piece for him. That way, I learn and I become better.

And. I’m not good enough, yet. Because I think I just ate quite a big cake.
But I do believe that it will become another piece of a cake later.



Jessica Farolan (ready to eat more big cakes).

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